Forever Angels, a sexy/sensuous time travel romance:

Tess Foster's guardian angel Angela is at her wit's end with her newest trainee, Michael. Then Michael's bumbling sneeze sends broken-hearted Tess Foster hurtling back to the 1890's into the arms of Stone Chisum, a rugged rancher raising two orphan children. Is this Tess's true destiny, to be with a man who can rekindle her ability to love? Or will Michael goof up again and sneeze Tess back to her boring law practice, a fiancé who jilted her, and empty life, losing forever the passion she finds in Stone's arms?

Ms. Simmons creates a wonderfully engaging pair of lovers whose relationship develops with lots of fire and sass. Add in a pair of mischievous angels who know just how to tickle your fancy, and you get heavenly reading indeed. -- M. Helfer, Romantic Times

This is one angel book not to miss…bring a hanky…you never know when an angel might sneeze. -- Cheryl Rovang, Cogswell Publishing

Trana Mae Simmons has written a warm, funny time travel that will make you laugh and cry. The unique way Ms. Simmons alternates between the winged and human cast of characters makes Forever Angels a story that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. -- GEnie Romance Writers Exchange

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Town Social, a sweet/sensuous romance:

Texas Ranger Jake Cameron can't wait until his temporary assignment to sleepy Liberty Flats is over…until he meets the independent Sunny Fannin. He's used to women bowing to his superior masculinity, but Sunny isn't about to add the word "obey" to her vocabulary, even when it concerns the Texas Ranger who makes her heartbeat go crazy. She's set on revolutionizing the small town before it fades into non-existence. Jake has his hands full with both his growing love for Sunny and protecting her from an unknown assailant who is just as determined as Sunny but with a contrary view of what's best for the town. Can two such complete opposites ever find happiness together?

As the first chill wind of autumn evenings settles in, TOWN SOCIAL and its small town folksiness and caring will surround you with warmth. -- Frances L. Trainor, Romantic Times  

Town Social is a fun to read western romance filled with elements from the mystery genre that make it a unique and very interesting reading experience….This is an author who is going places fast. -- Harriet Klausner

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Tennessee Waltz, a sweet/sensuous romance:

Sarah attracts suitors despite her plainness, since she has the wealth of a true socialite for a dowry. But she leaves her hard-hearted fiancé behind without regrets when she takes the motherless child Mairi home to the Appalachian Mountains to search out Mairi's remaining family. She finds more than that in the mountains: Mairi's older cousin Wyn makes Sarah wish she was beautiful enough to charm him for a beau. Wyn has no use for "city women," though…or so he thinks. As he watches Sarah prove her worth to the mountain people, his love develops notwithstanding his attempts to stifle it. However, they are far too different to ever make a life together…aren't they?

The mountain community and its stubborn need to earn everything or go without comes alive under Trana Mae Simmon's artful pen. -- Gerry Benninger, Romantic Times

In the hands of the extremely talented Trana Mae Simmons, readers get a refreshing, fun to read American historical romance. This reviewer will gladly waltz to the nearest bookstore for more tales by Ms. Simmons. -- Harriet Klausner

Tennessee Waltz sizzles with sensual tension from beginning to end! An engaging heroine and a hero to die for. A great read! -- Eve Gaddy, Too Close for Comfort

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Chrissy's Wish, a Christmas angels romance:

Chrissy is even willing to give up her one selfish wish for a dolly for Christmas, if God will only send someone to dry her Aunt Polly's tears. Jo and Matthew are assigned the task of fulfilling Chrissy's wish, but neither one of them is too sure that Sam, a face from Polly's past, is the right choice. However, the two angels are determined to do everything they can to fill these lives with Christmas joy.

CHRISSY'S WISH is Trana Mae Simmons' enchanting story of a little girl's wish and prayer, invoking wonderful memories of childhood beliefs and dreams.  Ms. Simmons'  Christmas story reminds the reader that Christmas is a time for miracles and of Angels. -- GEnie Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange

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Winter Dreams

Sandy Montdulac is one of the best sled dog trainers alive, but down on his luck, he can't refuse a job in 1909 Grand Marais, Minnesota: training Laura Goodman and her new breed of huskies for a grueling race. Engaged to David, a proper lawyer, Laura insists on one last adventure before she settles down as a married lady. She hasn't counted on the growing attraction to her new trainer, a man she senses is hiding a tortured past. Even her focus on her dogs and preparation for a race fraught with danger from both the weather and fellow mushers can't override the feelings she has for Sandy. Feelings she is sure he returns. But they will hurt others if they follow their hearts.

Trana Mae Simmons proves her versatility as she leaves her traditional settings to take her reader to Minnesota on a great historical journey…Winter Dreams is a dream of an Americana historical romance.  4+ Stars  -- Harriet Klausner

Winter Dreams is a fast-paced historical romance that brings alive the grueling endurance required of dog [sled] racing…[Simmons'] last masterpiece was in Tennessee and, like this novel, well worth reading. -- Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange  

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Mountain Magic

Can a born and bred mountain girl ever find love with an Eastern tenderfoot? Jonathan Clay won the ragamuffin Caitlyn O'Shaunessy in a game of chance with a Nez Perce, and once he got past her smell, he found a feisty woman who aroused desire like he had never known. Cat would rather face down a mama grizzly than confront her feelings for the blue-eyed southerner who rescued her. Set against the backdrop of the wintry Rocky Mountains, their feelings transform into a passion that just might overcome all obstacles.

Trana Mae Simmons reaches out with her very first sentence of Mountain Magic and drops the reader deep into the world of wild mountain men and women. Ms. Simmons skillfully throws in just the right touch of excitement, mystery and danger to keep the reader sitting on the edge of her chair, unwilling to put Mountain Magic down  until the very last I love you. -- Genie Romex Review

Mountain Magic is a humorous and touching tale that delves into the often painful trek along the road of self-discovery. Fans of Rebecca Paisley and movies like "The Mountain Men" will enjoy. SENSUAL. -- Lizabelle Cox, Romantic Times Magazine

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Montana Surrender

Jessica has far too many worries on her mind to be distracted by the sexy on-the-run outlaw, Storm. And Storm has no time to pursue the beauty who invades his hideout; he has to clear his name. Too many barriers stand between the two of them to ever fall in love. Or can they overcome the obstacles?  Backed into a corner after an unexpected spring blizzard decimates her already declining herd of cattle, Jessica knows she has no choice. Despite her vow to never touch the hidden gold — gold she feels is cursed — she can't meet the looming payment on the ranch she inherited from her father. There's no chance of a mortgage extension, either. The bank manager has already assured her in no uncertain terms he won't risk his bank's precious money any further on a woman running a spread. Lord, she should have spit in the manager's face, as her foreman had thought she would!

There has to be more than one rifleman in the ambush that surprises Jessica and her men. But only one paint horse and rider are silhouetted against the setting sun. And only one person — Jessica, the lone woman in the group of cowboys — sneaks out of camp that night to search for her runaway horse. She's not afraid of ghosts, like the men appear to be. It's not ghost arms that capture her on the hillside, though. Definitely not a ghost that haunts her thoughts and dreams from then on as she tries to save her ranch.

Montana Surrender reads like a good old action packed Western movie. Trana Mae Simmons understands the wild land, its untamed characters and brings their complex stories to life. -- Romantic Times Magazine

A wild and adventurous shoot-em-up ride through the Old West, filled with unexpected plot turns and an intriguing cast of unusual characters a reader will remember long after the last page has been read. A winner! -- Michalann Perry, Zebra Books Author

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Bittersweet Promises

Cody Garret likes everything in its place: horse in the corral, six-gun in his holster, money in the bank. There's no way on earth he can tolerate a woman like Shanna Van Alstyne. Her spirit is as fiery as the blazing sun, a temper to match. Southern manners dictate he has to save her life, but then she's on her own, out of his life. Or is she?  Southern men! How on earth did the rumors of their gentlemanly behavior ever gain credence? Shanna almost believes that dumb tittle-tattle at first — sensing a haven from the maelstrom of her life in the strong arms of a chestnut-haired stranger in tight denims. But of all the nerve! Just because he saves Shanna and her little brother, Toby, from becoming twin blood spots on the walkway in Liberty, Missouri, doesn't give him the right to step in and discipline Toby.  She's determined to banish the nagging persistence of a man she will, hopefully, never have to cross paths with again. There's another man somewhere in Missouri she has to find — and convince to marry her. She'll have to carry the ghost of the love she develops for Cody Garret with her to her grave.

This is a tender, humorous, and poignant read. -- Gail Collins, Romantic Times Magazine

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Witch Angel, a sexy/sensuous time travel romance:

Alaynia Mirabeau gladly leaves her dejecting life in 2005 Boston when she inherits Chenaie Plantation in Louisiana from her aunt. To her confusion, she drives through a time warp and finds the plantation already occupied by the stunning southern gentleman, Shane St. Clair, as well as his family... in 1875! Superior Guardian Angel Francesca wouldn't have chosen Chenaie for a stress-relieving vacation for her and Sylvia, one of Francesca's band of guardian angels. Yet when they encounter Basil, the ghost who manipulated time to bring Alaynia back for his own purposes, they can't abandon the situation. Is there any way two such disparate lovers as Shane and Alaynia can ever make a life together across the chasm of time? Or will they need some other-worldly assistance?

For fans of both time travel and historical romances, and even those who like a particular paranormal angle in their stories, WITCH ANGEL comes highly recommended from this reader.
-- Amy Cunningham, Romance Reviews Today

Ms. Simmons has proven herself a first class storyteller with WITCH ANGEL. This is one wonderfully entertaining book that this reviewer highly recommends that readers rush out to purchase. -- Shaiha, Review

WITCH ANGEL is a fun fantasy romance. -- Harriet Klausner

Passionate, and endearing, with very earthshaking lessons that are learned by all! -- Lucele Coutts, NovelTalk

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Winter Prey

Terrified she will harm hew newly-adoped daughter in the throes of a PTSD flashback, Kymbria James travels to the far Northwood of Minnesota to work with a Native American healer. As the monster captures one after another tribal member and drags each off to its lair, Kymbria is forced into the quest to destroy it. She must confront both her emotional situation and the monster only she can eradicate…if she can somehow find the courage to do so.

In Winter Prey, however, Simmons takes some of the familiar elements of horror stories and turns them on their head, making the reader look at familiar situations in a completely new light. The overall result is a novel feels both familiar and fresh at the same time and that is one heck of an exciting read . I can’t wait for the sequel! -- Floyd Brigdon, Trinity Valley Community College, Department of English; She Never Slept, Assistant Editor

A riveting story that hooked me from beginning to end. -- Mary Kennedy, author of The Talk Radio Mysteries

The entire cast of characters is captivating, and even the windigo itself prowls off the page as a multifaceted monster with a troubled past and a new purpose this hunting season. From start to finish, Winter Prey is a supernatural thrill! -- A. D. Guzman, author of Ghosts in the Footprints Anthology, Hadley Rille Books

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SPELLBOUND, a sexy/sensuous paranormal romance:

Nick Bardou vows to fight the lure of honeysuckle and jasmine when forced to return to his family plantation in New Orleans. He hasn't even left the ship upon arrival before he encounters a specter from his past … although she must be a ghost, since Sabine is dead, possibly by his own hand. Wendi Chastain has followed in her mother Sabine's footsteps as a practicing witch, and she has no room in her life for a man who disparages the very existence of magic. Nick Bardou, however, seems to need her abilities, despite his disbelief. Can a concoction of magic and love end up uniting these two potential lovers from extremely different walks of life?  

Ms. Simmons has written an excellent romance brimming with passion, tension, humor, twists of plot, and just the right amount of witchcraft to make you believe.  -- Evelyn Feiner, Romantic Times 

5 out of 5 stats!  Positively Delightful.  Fans of historical romance with a twist of witchcraft will be SPELLBOUND by Trana Mae Simmons' latest novel. The story line is filled with poignancy and tension that is slightly relieved by comedic moments. The characters are heartwarming and believable, while fans will accept magic as the genuine article. A fun time is to be had by fans of the Post Civil War romance who enjoy a few twists to their tale. -- Harriet Klausner

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SOUTHERN CHARMS, a sexy/sensuous paranormal romance:

Ellie isn't really jealous of her step-sister Darlene's pampered life, as long as she and her mother leave Ellie alone to run her beloved ranch. But the specialty of Fatima, Ellie's fairy godmother, is bringing her charges the greatest magic of all: true love. Fatima arrives in Ellie's life at the same time as the city slicker, Shane, determined to show the two of them they are meant for love, despite their differences. Shane has hidden motives, though, for seeking out Ellie. Could this latest quest of Fatima's be her first failure in hundreds of years?

Take a pinch of Cinderella, a dab of magic, a bit of homespun charm and you have the recipe for SOUTHERN CHARM, a delightful and enchanting read. -- Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

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