Trana Mae Simmons talks to unseen people, loses herself in other lives for hours, and writes her imaginative journeys down for others to enjoy. She found a way to use the adventures inside her mind when she discovered a writing course offered by another romance author. She penned her stories on paper and sold her first romance two years after that. Since then, she has gone on to publish numerous additional romances and garnered awards and a strong readership that enjoys her stories as much as she loves writing them.

Having kept close tabs on the emerging electronic age of books, she found herself with a still burgeoning list of stories to tell when the e-book phenomena developed into a viable medium for both readers and writers. On her first Kindle, she downloaded some of her own books! Her list of e-books will continue to evolve as her romances become available, as well as books from other genres, because….

Along her life's journey, Simmons was coaxed by her Aunt Belle down a weird path: ghost hunting. Simmons herself had no idea ghosts really did exist…if exist is the correct term for ethereal beings from another dimension. Aunt Belle had another huge lesson in store for her: Simmons was psychic.

Imagine that, she repeated to herself time after time as she prowled around grave yards in both the dark and full moons. Imagine that, she said when she saw someone who hadn't been initially visible in a picture she took. Imagine that, she enthused when she found herself in the middle of a paranormal phenomenon. Why these experiences are as much fun as writing about others!

So what did she do? Need I ask? She wrote those stories down, also. She ended up with dozens of diaries of her ghost hunting adventures, and her writing swerved into paranormal mysteries. Her Dead Man series is ongoing, and she has published two volumes of her ghost hunting diaries thus far, as well as a collection of short stories. You can find all this information at her other-dimension web site,

But don't give up on her romances. The ones available now will soon be joined by more. So keep checking back here, too, for romance news.

For spooky news, you can also check out her blog or Facebook page and now and then a Tweet on Twitter.

Happy reading!

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