Howdy, Y'all! Welcome to my home on the internet range. Please excuse the dust in here. My fantastic cover designer and webmistress, Angela Rogers, is still tweaking things. Of course, there will probably always be a bit of dust in here, since I'll keep writing and adding new books as we ride along this new trail that eBooks is blazing together. I can now offer y'all my books that have been out of print, as well as new books I've written since then. There are several books "in the pipeline," thus the continued web site construction. You can also keep track of my new books on my blog, plus Facebook and Twitter. Yep, I've entered into the social networking world…again, with Angela's help.

Another exciting event in my writing world is new covers being designed. They will more properly reflect the "heat" level of the romances. For now, we have Bittersweet Promises and Montana Surrender. If they aren't on the web site when you visit, they will be very soon, as well as being added to the books. Yum, do I love them!

Many of my readers know I'm also a paranormal investigator. You'll find information about that phase of my life at my other web site, Inside these walls will be romance.

I'm pretty much an open book myself. I live in a small East Texas town, yes, in a haunted house. My husband, Barney, and I will have been married for 46 years in November 2012, and we're looking forward to celebrating the half-century together down the road, and far beyond that. I always have a menagerie of pets in my home. It wouldn't be a home without them. I've done quite a bit of travelling, both for book research and ghost hunting. It's one of my favorite things in life. Well, I also enjoy a casino trip once a month or so, movies, and fishing.

I've written all my life, and been published since 1990. I've seen a lot in the publishing world, gained a lot of readers whom I totally love to connect with. Thanks for stopping by, coming back, and staying in touch. Y'all are fun to ride the range with!

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