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Trana Mae Simmons talks to unseen people, loses herself in other lives for hours, and writes her imaginative journeys down for others to enjoy. She found a way to use the adventures inside her mind when she discovered a writing course offered by another romance author. She penned her stories on paper and sold her first romance two years after that. Since then, she has gone on to publish numerous additional romances and garnered awards and a strong readership that enjoys her stories as much as she loves writing them.

    Having kept close tabs on the emerging electronic age of books, she found herself with a still burgeoning list of stories to tell when the e-book phenomena developed into a viable medium for both readers and writers. On her first Kindle, she downloaded some of her own books! Her list of e-books will continue to evolve as her romances become available, as well as books from other genres, because….

    Along her life's journey, Simmons was coaxed by her Aunt Belle down a weird path: ghost hunting. Simmons herself had no idea ghosts really did exist…if exist is the correct term for ethereal beings from another dimension. Aunt Belle had another huge lesson in store for her: Simmons was psychic.

    Imagine that, she repeated to herself time after time as she prowled around grave yards in both the dark and full moons. Imagine that, she said when she saw someone who hadn't been initially visible in a picture she took. Imagine that, she enthused when she found herself in the middle of a paranormal phenomenon. Why these experiences are as much fun as writing about others!

    So what did she do? Need I ask? She wrote those stories down, also. She ended up with dozens of diaries of her ghost hunting adventures, and her writing swerved into paranormal mysteries. Her Dead Man series is ongoing, and she has published two volumes of her ghost hunting diaries thus far, as well as a collection of short stories. You can find all this information at her other-dimension web site, http://www.iseeghosts.com.

    But don't give up on her romances. The ones available now will soon be joined by more. So keep checking back here, too, for romance news.

    For spooky news, you can also check out her blog or Facebook page and now and then a Tweet on Twitter.

    Happy reading!



  • “Ms. Simmons creates a wonderfully engaging pair of lovers whose relationship develops with lots of fire and sass. Add in a pair of mischievous angels who know just how to tickle your fancy, and you get heavenly reading indeed.”

    M. Helfer
    Romantic Times
  • "This is one angel book not to miss…bring a hanky…you never know when an angel might sneeze."
    Cheryl Rovang
    Cogswell Publishing
  • “Trana Mae Simmons has written a warm, funny time travel that will make you laugh and cry. The unique way Ms. Simmons alternates between the winged and human cast of characters makes Forever Angels a story that will keep you entertained from beginning to end”

    GEnie Romance Writers Exchange 
  • “As the first chill wind of autumn evenings settles in, TOWN SOCIAL and its small town folksiness and caring will surround you with warmth.”

    Frances L. Trainor
    Romantic Times   
  • Town Social is a fun to read western romance filled with elements from the mystery genre that make it a unique and very interesting reading experience….This is an author who is going places fast.”

    Harriet Klausner 
  • Mountain Magic is a humorous and touching tale that delves into the often painful trek along the road of self-discovery. Fans of Rebecca Paisley and movies like "The Mountain Men" will enjoy. SENSUAL”

    Lizabelle Cox
     Romantic Times Magazine
  • Montana Surrender reads like a good old action packed Western movie. Trana Mae Simmons understands the wild land, its untamed characters and brings their complex stories to life.”

    Romantic Times Magazine
  • “For fans of both time travel and historical romances, and even those who like a particular paranormal angle in their stories, WITCH ANGEL comes highly recommended from this reader.”

    Amy Cunningham
    Romance Reviews Today 
  • “Take a pinch of Cinderella, a dab of magic, a bit of homespun charm and you have the recipe for SOUTHERN CHARM, a delightful and enchanting read. ”

    Kathe Robin 
    Romantic Times 
  • “5 out of 5 stats! Positively Delightful. Fans of historical romance with a twist of witchcraft will be SPELLBOUND by Trana Mae Simmons' latest novel. The story line is filled with poignancy and tension that is slightly relieved by comedic moments. The characters are heartwarming and believable, while fans will accept magic as the genuine article. A fun time is to be had by fans of the Post Civil War romance who enjoy a few twists to their tale. ”

    Harriet Klausner
  • “[Montana Surrender is a] wild and adventurous shoot-em-up ride through the Old West, filled with unexpected plot turns and an intriguing cast of unusual characters a reader will remember long after the last page has been read. A winner! ”

    Michalann Perry
    Zebra Books Author
  • Winter Dreams is a fast-paced historical romance that brings alive the grueling endurance required of dog [sled] racing…[Simmons'] last masterpiece was in Tennessee and, like this novel, well worth reading”

    Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange
  • Tennessee Waltz sizzles with sensual tension from beginning to end! An engaging heroine and a hero to die for. A great read! ”

    Eve Gaddy
    Too Close for Comfort
  • CHRISSY'S WISH is Trana Mae Simmons' enchanting story of a little girl's wish and prayer, invoking wonderful memories of childhood beliefs and dreams. Ms. Simmons' Christmas story reminds the reader that Christmas is a time for miracles and of Angels.”

    GEnie Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange
  • “Trana Mae Simmons proves her versatility as she leaves her traditional settings to take her reader to Minnesota on a great historical journey…Winter Dreams is a dream of an Americana historical romance. 4+ Stars”

    Harriet Klausner